Regular cleaning services

Service Prague
Household cleaning and iroining 270 Kč/hr
Home helper 270 Kč/hr
Office cleaning 270 Kč/hr
One-time fee for the Philippine housekeeper
The client contributes for accommodation, plane ticket, food
7 900 Kč
Notes to regular services
  • the prices for consumers are final, to companies we charge current VAT
  • minimal working time is 4 hours/day in  a city, 8 hours/day outside a city
  • we calculate every full hour, the limit is 10 minutes
  • transport in the city is part of the price
  • price for the transport outside the city is paid by client and also travelling time
  • work during the weekends is with surplus 30%, during and public holidays 100%
  • price of a regular cleaning doesn’t include detergents