Ecological cleaning

Your household is not a hospital!
We know that a healthy household doesn´t have to smell of desinfectant. What is much more important is that the cleaning agents are gentle to your health.

We are nature friendly with you!

Ideal for households with allergic people and families with small children.

  • we hold an ecological approach to cleaning households  
  • at request we only clean using hot steam 
  • when cleaning we recommend using ecological cleaning agents that are based on vinegar, lemon and soda   
  • our cleaning ladies are trained in ecological cleaning and separating waste      
  • our cleaning ladies are uttely economical

We only use chemical detergents when we clean your flat or house for the first time, after that we only use cleaning agents that are gentle to your health and to nature.

Leave with us stocking your home with cleaning detergents, your cleaning lady will bring them right to your home for reasonable prices.