Full-time housekeeper

Full-time housekeeper will look after the total operation of your household.

Service comprises

  • thorough cleaning of your household and some help in the garden (fallen-leaves raking, watering)
  • laundry washing, ironing
  • cooking
  • shopping
  • running errands
  • taking care of your household when you are on holiday, etc.
  • helping with older children – accompanying and collecting from school, accompanying to after-school activities
  • social assistance for elders – accompanying when visiting a doctor, reading, etc.

The content of the work of the housekeeper is adjusted under the specific requirements of a household.

We can arrange housekeeper for you, or you can use an employee of our company.

Housekeeper arranged by us

The housekeeper owns a trade license. You will pay our company - for arranging, certification, and training of a housekeeper - a one and half month salary of a housekeeper for providing a housekeeper, payable in three installments. Then you pay your housekeeper yourself. The guarantee period is 3 months.

Monthly salary of a housekeeper

  • Prague – from 35 000 Kč
  • Brno – from 30 000 kč